I generate leads for business owners who want more projects from local, affluent home owners who live in their target service area.

Do you want more clients?

"It's a great feeling to know that you have a system in place that generates leads for projects you want to win."
Rich French - Local Market 360

"We get new leads almost every day now from people who need work done.  We never had that kind of consistency before working with Rich."

Dan Marchiafava - Joe and Tony Landscaping

Close Deals

Sift & Sort


Generate Leads

Simple Systems Let You Sleep Better

You can hone your skills and try new techniques when you know that you have consistent leads coming into your business. 

My process may be different than what you are used to but if you focus on finding the right fit, you will close more deals.



Do you want larger projects, or more projects or specific types of projects?  Then learn how to prioritize your deal flow.

"People think they need a magic marketing tactic or the next big thing to generate more business when all they need is to stick to the basics.  Be more consistent.  Rely on what works week after week."

Rich French, Owner, Local Market 360

You Want More Options

You already know what you are doing.  People love your work but you need more consistent deal flow.

You Want More Customers

It seems like your competition is winning project after project and it's driving you crazy.  You want to develop a system so you can crush those guys and win the girl.

Are you a good fit for my services?

You Want Bigger Projects

You have projects and things are moving along but you would like to be able to walk away from some of them.  So having a steady stream of new opportunities is key.

You have a great reputation and have been active in your industry.  You just need help generating more leads.

You Want to be a Leader

Get motivated to sell more projects every day.

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