How to easily advertise your business to affluent home owners on my shared postcards

Turn Your Speakers on and watch this Screencast Video

How Saturation Mailing Works

I put 6 ads on one side of my 8 1/2 x 11 full color postcards and mail them to 5,000 homes.  The ads cost $765 each and I take clients on a first come first serve basis each time I send a campaign.  If you don’t want to target a specific area then you don’t need to advertise.  Simple and effective.

Holiday Special Offer

Sign up for my Affluent Home Owner cards today and I will give you a special holiday gift card if I still have any left.  Also, please check out The Daily Screencast when you get a chance.  It’s an informal way to get a feel for how I help local business owners advertise their services.

Thanks, Rich French

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